A delicious menu

A delicious menu – Let’s order food and drinks. Let’s eat at the Restaurant

Customer: Waiter!

Waiter: Good afternoon, Sir! What would you wish to order? Here is the menu.

Customer: Hello! I would like a vegetable soup, roast pork and as desert, I don’t know! What would you recommend?

Waiter: I would recommend a delicious bananas and chocolate ice cream, cheese pie, apple cake.

Customer: Mmm, so delicious!

Waiter: What would you like to drink?

Customer: A red wine. Quick, please, because I am hungry.
Waiter: Of course, Sir.

10 minutes later

Waiter: Here is your order. Enjoy your meal!

Customer: Thank you.

At the end of the meal.

Waiter: That would be 38 Euros.

Customer: Here is my credit card, and a tip of 5 Euros for you.

Waiter: Oh, thank you and come again.

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